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How to add social media accounts to Google My Business?

How to Add social media Profiles to Google my Business

Social media platforms facilitate direct communication with customers. By adding your social media profiles to your GMB listing, you make it simpler for customers to engage in conversations with you, ask questions, leave feedback, and share their experiences. Today this article will reveal a secret method of how to add social media Profiles to Google My Business. This can increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your audience’s relationships with you. 

What is Google My Business?

Google Business Profile is an intuitive tool for businesses and organizations for managing their online presence on Google. In simplified terms, it is a free Google business listing that enables you to upload photos and business information, such as your location, services, and products. A Google Business Profile ensures that people can discover your business when searching for similar products or services in their area.

How to add social media accounts to Google My Business?

Steps to add social media accounts to Google My Business

Google will highlight prominent and pertinent social media profiles on Google Business Profiles. Although social media links cannot be connected directly to listings, they can be handled indirectly.

These are the steps you can follow to add social media accounts to Google My Business:

Add your website URL

Ensure that the website URL in your Google Business Profile directs to the homepage or a second relevant page. It helps Google to figure out the relationships between your social profiles and websites. It additionally assists in the preparation for the following steps.

Link externally to social networking profiles

After adding your website to your Google My Business profile, ensure that your website contains links to your social media profiles. This normally takes place in a website’s footer. Check twice to ensure that all of these URLs are directed to your business’s social profiles. 

Add alt text to social networking icons

After checking that your website contains external links to your profiles as the previous step suggests, you must additionally confirm that the social media elements on your website contain image alt tags that are contextual to their images. For social media icons, your website could also use the SVG file format. If so, you can use a similar strategy for the parent tag’s title attribute.

For example : 

Use : img alt=”App Coderz on Facebook”

Or you can use title=”Simon Law on Facebook”

Implement schema markup into your site

Although it’s a little complicated, all of your social network profiles should have Local Schema Markup on your website with the same attribute. The markup should be added to the website’s head section. Once indexed, search engines will have a well-defined understanding of the connection between your website, Google Business Profile, and social media profiles.

Here is a basic example 

<script type=”application/ld+json”>


  “@context”: “”,

  “@type”: “Web Developer”,

  “name”: “App Coderz”,

  “alternateName”: ” App Coderz Web Development”,

    “description”: “At App Coderz we make user-friendly and intuitive websites for businesses that wish to grow their online customer base”,

  “url” : “”,

  “logo”: “”,

  “image”: “”,

  “telephone”: ”  +1 (470) 255 9443″,

  “price-range”: ” Free Consultation”,

  “Opening Hours”: “Mo-Sa 08:00-19:00, Sun 12:00-16:00”,



      “@type”: “PostalAddress”,

      “street address”: “3235 Satellite Boulevard,

Building 400, Suite 300 Duluth, GA, 30096


      “addressLocality”: “Duluth”,

      “addressRegion”: “GA”,

      “postalCode”: “30096”,

      “addressCountry”: “USA”









Increase your audience by promoting your posts

Typically, Google only displays relevant social media profiles that are active and have an established following. New businesses can quickly establish an audience with Facebook and Instagram ads by offering compelling deals. In addition, you may wish to ensure that you have a reliable social media foundation, including an optimized Facebook page and other profiles.

Create frequent high-quality posts that generate engagement

Google takes into account various factors when determining the relevance and credibility of a business. Active social media profiles with consistent engagement and a growing following can signal to Google that your business is active and popular. This can potentially boost your search engine visibility and improve your chances of appearing in search results.

Add social profile links to additional sites

When determining search rankings, search engines like Google consider the interconnectedness of your online presence.  Additionally, it is essential that your social profiles are interconnected across the Internet. You can add social media links to all of your other social profiles on a lot of local citations and social media platforms.

Our Words

Adding social media profiles to Google My Business (GMB) can increase consumer engagement and strengthen relationships. Businesses can integrate their social media profiles with their GMB listing, resulting in increased consumer engagement, enhanced online visibility, and strengthened brand presence. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.