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QA Testing Services

Effective QA Solution For Your Web Properties

Transform your software development process with App Coderz comprehensive QA testing and quality management solutions.


The Role of Testing in Software Development Life Cycle

Throughout the software development lifecycle, testing serves as a crucial safeguard, ensuring that software products conform to design specifications and adhere to the intended purpose.


Our QA testing is your solution to software defects.

In today’s demanding end user environment, no system fault or bug goes unnoticed. This can have a significant effect on your customer base. Proper QA testing can boost your organization’s reputation and deliver the best possible user experience. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality QA testing to the end user with our expert team you can count on. We have a complete QA strategy including:

Better Software with App Coderz QA testing

Providing QA and software testing services for any digital product.

Qualified Testing Engineers 

Experienced in QA testing 

Software, Web and mobile apps

Automated Testing

Affordable Testing

Fast Testing Report


Why Choose QA Testing Services from App Coderz

Our comprehensive QA testing approach combines manual and automated testing, accelerating releases and uncovering more issues before your software, web, or mobile app goes live.

Defining Testing Goals

Before you begin QA testing we articulate testing goals and requirements in a straightforward manner to foster alignment and understanding among all parties.

Testing methods and tools

As your Quality Assurance (QA) testing partner, we choose the right testing methods and tools to deliver high-quality products that meet your requirements as a customer.

Testing schedule and resources

We plan your testing timeline and optimize your resources to help you maximize your product testing efficiency and help avoid waste of time, money and other resources.

Communication and collaboration

Your team and stakeholders will be kept informed and involved throughout the testing process and we always welcome input and feedback from our clients.

Analyze testing data

We evaluate your testing Quality Assurance (QA) and Software Testing results to identify the most important issues and compare them to your testing objectives.

Detail Reporting

We provide comprehensive test reports with actionable steps such as bug fixing, adding features or redesign changes, and what to do before your next product release.


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Introducing our comprehensive suite of QA testing services, crafted to safeguard your software from bugs, glitches, and compatibility issues before it reaches the hands of your users. Our Quality Assurance services can unleash the full potential of your software.

1. Experienced QA Tasters

Experienced in-house Quality Assurance testing  engineer and experts 

2. Commitment to Quality

Quality software testing solutions that surpass industry standards

3. Agile Approach

Adapting to your unique needs and requirements, delivering results swiftly.

4. A Pool of Devices

A wide pool of pre-configured devices for effective and fast testing

5. Secure Service

We implement information security guidelines and policies

6. Confidentiality

Commitment to safeguarding your sensitive data and intellectual property.

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Our QA Testing Services

App Coderz provides QA testing services for all types of software and web apps. We are a quality testing solution provider for all types of businesses. Our testing services include:

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Manual Testing

To meet your unique software testing requirements, App Coderz offers comprehensive manual testing solutions that help your business deliver exceptional software applications. Manual testing is used to test the user interface, usability, and performance of a software application. With our expert testers, a wide range of testing approaches, and stringent quality assurance processes, we help you deliver high-quality software applications.

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Testing Automation

App Coderz automates your unique software testing procedure to deliver exceptional software applications for your business. Automation testing automates the execution of testing cases, saving time and money and improving the quality of your software. With our professional testers, a wide selection of testing tools and rigorous quality assurance processes, you can deliver top-notch software applications.

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API Testing

We perform rigorous functional testing to validate API functionality. In today’s software driven world, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provide the foundation for smooth connection and data flow. At App Coderz, we understand the importance of APIs in the modern software development process. That’s why we offer full-service manual API testing to make sure your APIs are reliable, work well, and are secure.

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Security Testing

In today’s digital interconnected world, software security is paramount. App Coderz recognizes the critical importance of safeguarding software applications from cyber threats and offers comprehensive manual security testing solutions to ensure the protection of your valuable data and systems. Our experienced security testers conduct thorough threat modeling to identify potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors, prioritizing testing efforts based on risk assessment.

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Accessibility Testing

Digital accessibility has become more important than ever in today’s connected world. Inclusive design is all about making sure everyone, no matter what their ability is, can easily access and use digital content and apps. App Coderz understands the importance of inclusive design, and we offer complete manual accessibility testing to make sure your software apps are accessible to everyone.


Mobile Testing

As the world becomes increasingly connected, mobile accessibility has taken center stage. It’s crucial to ensure that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can seamlessly navigate and utilize mobile applications. App Coderz champions inclusive design principles and provides comprehensive manual mobile accessibility testing solutions to make your mobile apps universally accessible.

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Solutions: All Your Questions Answered

01.What types of quality assurance services do you offer?

App Coderz offers a comprehensive suite of software testing services to ensure the quality and security of your applications. Our services include manual testing, automation testing, API testing, security testing, accessibility testing, mobile testing, and database testing.

02. What are your guarantees for QA as a Service?

Guarantees for Quality Assurance as a Service (QAaaS) vary depending on the specific provider and the scope of services. QAaaS providers guarantee that their testing services will improve the overall quality of your software. This includes ensuring that the software meets your functional and performance requirements, is free of bugs, and is user-friendly.

03. What is the difference between QA and software testing?

Quality Assurance and Software testing are often confusing for businesses to understand because both of these methods aim at the same Bug-free and performing application. The basic difference between the two is Quality assurance is a process to make sure the project is conforming to the expectations of the stakeholders while the Software testing process involves techniques and methods to identify glitches in software.


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