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Discover top 10 affiliate marketing alternatives for 2023

Affiliate marketing alternatives give people the chance to try out new ways to make money online and reach more people. Affiliate marketing is a low-cost business concept that helps individuals make thousands of dollars without any limit on profits. It also allows people the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, and it does not demand a great deal of skill or technical knowledge in order to be successful at it.

But, like with everything in the real world, there are also downsides to consider. Affiliate marketers do not get a fixed income from it, which means that their earnings might fluctuate wildly from one month to the next, reaching as high as several hundred dollars or as low as a few cents. 

Additionally, since there are so many people utilizing the internet these days, competition in this industry has gotten intense. There are other ways to make money and build a name for yourself or your company online than via affiliate marketing. In addition to introducing the concept of affiliate marketing, this article also offers several potential alternatives to the traditional affiliate marketing model.

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

With 5.47 billion individuals using the internet every day, “Affiliate Marketing” is no longer a foreign concept. However, not everyone has a comprehensive understanding of what exactly this industry contains. 

Simply said, it’s a method for making money by selling the goods produced by a certain brand. The marketing functions of a company may be contracted out to a third party, who will then be held to rigorous performance standards. If end users make a purchase after seeing a recommendation from a third party, the third party will get paid for their services.

An affiliate marketer is what you call a marketer that outsources their work. It provides the option to sell things that aren’t manufactured by a certain individual or that person isn’t the direct owner of those products. It also enables the possibility of concluding a profitable transaction.

Due to the reduced shipping inconvenience, administrative expenses, and customer support, affiliate marketers’ involvement may be as minimal as they choose.

But it is necessary for an affiliate marketer to have a solid understanding of all of the people and organizations associated with a given brand, as well as the responsibilities that various people play in that business, etc. 

affiliate marketing

It provides the marketer with the opportunity to earn compensation every time they are responsible for generating a sale for the company with whom they are linked. The following is an easy-to-understand explanation of how the cycle of performance marketing works:

  • A shoe from shop “A” is advertised via your blog or social media site as an affiliate.
  • A potential buyer clicks on the following link from your website, blog, or social networking page.
  • The next step is for a consumer to buy the shoe from the shop.
  • The affiliate network is updated with the purchase information along with the specifics of the tracking link.
  • Once the payment has been received, the transaction is credited.
  • You get paid for your commission as an affiliate marketer.

What are alternatives to affiliate marketing?

Although affiliate marketing may seem to be a wonderful, effortless method to generate money online, affiliate marketers nonetheless encounter certain difficulties. As a result, it encourages people to explore affiliate marketing alternatives to earn money online outside of performance marketing.

Let’s take a look at some of the challenges one can face as an affiliate marketer before we talk about the different options available to you.

Most common affiliate program challenges

It’s true that affiliate marketing is a great way to generate money, but it can also be quite time-consuming. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of performance marketing is actually making the first sale. When you’re first starting out as a content creator, it might be difficult to earn people’s faith in what you communicate.

There are also a huge number of other, superior methods to create money that may be used instead of affiliate marketing. It’s also challenging to maintain brand, content, and messages inbox all at once.

Similar advantages to affiliate marketing are maintained by these other strategies. That’s why it’s common between people to search for affiliate marketing alternatives in this industry. 

affiliate market 2023

Alternatives to affiliate marketing

You can start making money in a variety of different ways online. Some examples are: starting and monetizing a blog; selling digital items; providing digital marketing services; selling advertising space on your website; being an influencer; delivering web support consultation; selling e-books; starting and monetizing a YouTube channel; producing and selling an online course; conducting social media marketing for various firms; building an email list; doing surveys; freelancing jobs on sites like Fivver and Upwork; etc.

It’s crucial to settle on a plan that maximizes the returns from any direction one takes. In this manner, it will contribute to the expansion of the business. Utilizing non-traditional approaches is often a fruitful strategy for entering new markets and extending one’s reach to a larger traffic. It’s useful for those whose website or blog doesn’t fit the specialty requirements for affiliate marketing.

How does one compete with affiliate marketing?

The affiliate marketing industry is expected to be worth $17 billion by 2022, with 16% of all internet sales in the United States being generated by this channel (via demandsage). These days, it’s one of the best ways to make money online. It makes it possible to earn money from one’s website while simultaneously working with some of the most successful companies in the world.

This technique brings together businesses and large-scale content providers without requiring either party to commit to a long-term partnership. To compete successfully with affiliate marketing, one must take a number of important actions, including the following:

Identifying a certain niche and setting a target:

When developing a plan to beat the competition, it helps to have a firm grasp of the nature and features of that competition. Because there are so many websites on the internet nowadays, having a specialized niche is important for affiliate marketers who want to establish themselves from the rest of the crowd.

Recognizing the many forms of competition:

Managing affiliates by segmenting them into groups will help in personalizing communication and will motivate affiliates to compete.

Choosing the right content platform:

Affiliate marketing includes platforms like Websites, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Newsletters, Podcasts, etc. What platform to choose depends on the preference of the affiliate marketer and the niche they are choosing. Whatever affiliate programs they are choosing it’s needed to disclose that they are including affiliate links with their content. 

Knowledge about products:

As an affiliate marketer one has to recommend products to consumers or visitors. So to stand out in the competition detailed information about any particular product they are working with is a need to know to promote rightly.

know about affiliate

Engaging with visitors:

Communicating and engaging with visitors would provide an opportunity to increase conversion and more site visitors. Customer management is a vital part of affiliate sell.

Monitoring the behavior of affiliates:

Putting yourself in the shoes of buyers would help in understanding the weaknesses in the marketing and would give the space to analyze the correct approach for competing in the affiliate market. 

Helping mentality rather than selling:

Visitor trusts more when they think they are getting help from a certain product or a business. Providing quality information rather than self-promoting 24/7 would increase the chance of visitors coming back again and again. 

Dedicating enough time:

To be in the competition of this industry of affiliate marketing ongoing effort is a must. The key to success includes putting enough time behind it

Affiliate network:

Affiliate marketing is not going to give anyone overnight success! So rather than having thought of being a millionaire in a month affiliate marketers should set realistic expectations. Ongoing efforts and choosing the best affiliate network would walk you towards accomplishing goals.

Is affiliate marketing still worth it in 2023?

“Can I earn money by selling items that I don’t own?” When the topic of affiliate marketing comes up, this is a question that is often asked. Since its establishment, it has grown to become a vital part of almost every company’s strategic strategy. 

At the present time, 81% of brands in the United States of America are involved in affiliate marketing programs. It is expanding at a rapid rate and has a significant influence on the industry in terms of the promotion of companies and the financial gain that can be derived from it.

It is often assumed that being an affiliate marke takes little to no financial commitment, and to a certain extent, this is accurate. It also needs doing research and making preparations in the background in order to join a network, as well as the consistent development of high-quality content into which affiliate links may be integrated, which can be difficult but is not impossible.

E-commerce and other types of online shopping platforms have a good potential of becoming more popular as a result of the growing number of people who are turning to the internet to make their product purchases.

Affiliate marketing enables people to operate remotely from any location in the globe while still bringing in targeted traffic and making revenue. With the rise of the internet and the popularity of the “global village” idea, it has become easier for individuals to meet new contacts all over the world without physically relocating. 

When compared to the prices of other advertising networks, the cost of advertising on this platform is rather inexpensive, and there is a support staff available at all times to provide assistance with any issue that could arise. 

Affiliate marketing provides several benefits, including minimal risk, simple to grow, no defined time to work, no dress code to keep, money arriving continually rather than coming at the end of the month, a feeling of independence, creativity, and achievement, and no trouble of payments and refunds. It saves a significant amount of time and does not call for the participation of an affiliate marketer in the production of the items.

In addition, selling affiliate items does not call for any specific abilities or areas of knowledge, which means that anybody, regardless of prior experience or education, has the opportunity to earn money via this method.

 As a result, it is clear that engaging in affiliate marketing will continue to be profitable in 2023, given that it provides individuals with plenty of opportunities to both increase their income and broaden the scope of their existing companies.

Top 10 affiliate marketing alternatives for 2023 

alternatives to affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing strategy that has shown a rise in both its level of popularity and its level of profitability since the advent of the internet. Incorporating affiliate links into a website is a fantastic method to bring in money with minimal effort. 

Affiliate program is a popular method of marketing since affiliate marketers get paid a commission on each transaction made via their affiliate links. With the abundance of companies providing generous affiliate programs, it is possible to make money without a significant investment of time or effort.

However, there are times when it may be quite challenging to locate the appropriate marketing niche and strategies to use in order to produce sales and make money. When this happens, it’s the perfect opportunity to broaden horizons and explore the best affiliate marketing alternatives.

Some of the affiliate marketplace’s direct response products and compensation structure may prompt you to seek alternatives. 

One method of advertising cannot possibly meet the needs of every business. When this happens, individuals start looking for other methods of marketing outside affiliate programs.

People may have feelings of being overwhelmed while joining an affiliate program since it takes some time before they begin to see significant benefits from their efforts. Even if the product’s creator decides to discontinue production, an affiliate marketer will still face a major challenge.

When taking into account the intense level of competition that exists in the market, some individuals can decide to retreat and investigate their other available options.

The following is a list of the top 10 affiliate marketing alternatives  that you should think about using in 2023 to make a decent amount of money:

1. Content marketing:

 “Content isn’t king, it’s the kingdom” – Lee Odden. It is true that in this day and age of digital selling, content may be one of the most powerful weapons to use in order to remain active in your particular niche. 

Over the course of the last several years, the significance of producing original content has grown, and the rewards associated with doing so aren’t going away any time soon. Content marketers monetize their digital products by trading reusable media assets like sound bites and stock photos with other content marketers for a fee.

How much a marketer may increase their revenue relies mostly on the niche of the content posts they choose and the specialty’s target audience.

If we were to organize the significance of the material into categories, they would be as follows:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Showing authority in your field
  • Improving customer connections
  • Increasing leads and conversions

There are a few primary categories of content marketing, one of which is video content marketing. This sort of content marketing is developed with the intention of making a film about a certain market for a product and then promoting that video. For example we can mention social media videos.

Promotion of certain niche items may be accomplished via the use of audiobooks, podcasts, Twitter spaces, and other audio hosting platforms as part of audio content marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most helpful skills to acquire, and one may make money by sharing information that is accessible exclusively to members of their email list with other members of their email list. SEO tools and site auditing tools are great examples of digital marketing tools that can assist in evaluating other people’s websites.

Blog posting is one of the oldest kinds of content marketing, and it enables bloggers to maximize the amount of money they earn from advertisements and sponsorships.

2. Creating and selling online courses:

This might be a wonderful chance to make money in this industry as a growing number of individuals all over the world are realizing the benefits of taking courses online and doing so in order to save both time and money. You may find several online resources that provide teachers with a place to list and market their courses to a wider audience. It’s a win-win since it offers students access to valuable information and helps them make money.

Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and freecodecamp, amongst others, provide potential instructors with the opportunity to share their expertise and sell their online courses. For instance, as a programmer, you are interested in sharing your knowledge of search algorithms with others.

Then, you can quickly construct a course by displaying a screen with your explanation of the procedure and uploading the completed lesson to any of the appropriate platforms. Even someone who has never had a teaching position before but is very knowledgeable about a certain subject might create a course to sell on this platform if they have the desire to do so. Additionally, YouTube is an excellent platform for publishing online video guides and lessons.

3. Doing freelance work:

 Freelance job sites for example: Fiverr, Upwork, and are giving individuals of varying skill sets the opportunity to work as freelancers and be paid for it while they are at home. This encompasses a wide variety of abilities such as writing, creating websites, web designing, social media marketing, editing videos, graphic designing, photography and videography, accounting and bookkeeping, voice-over, search engine optimization, running ads, copywriting, excel administration, translation, survey collecting, data analysis, and so on. 

It is not difficult to get a job and start creating money if one has the necessary skills in one of the many high-demand fields.

4. SaaS websites:

SAAS is an abbreviation that’s widely used to refer to “software as a service.” When customers of these websites utilize the online services offered by such websites, the customs authorities collect money and also get ad income from google. It is a smart move to purchase a SaaS website if one already has sufficient starting funds.

5. Influencer marketing:

In the modern world, this kind of marketing strategy is quite widespread and well-recognized. It’s the strategy of building a huge online following in order to advertise a variety of products to that audience for commission. 

The amounts of followers are not ideal since some influencers have hundreds, while others have millions of followers. Due to the fact that businesses almost always seem to make direct contact with influencers in order to promote their products or commodities, the area of influence is an extremely important factor. The influencer will be paid a certain amount of money regardless of whether or not they generate significant income for the business.

6. Drop shipping

The process of dropshipping entails collecting orders directly from consumers and coordinating the delivery of products to those clients. Although the approach may seem a lot like affiliate marketing, the two are not even really identical. AliExpress, Alibaba, Doba, Megagoods, and Wholesale Central are among the online marketplaces that function as dropshipping providers.

alternatives to affiliate marketing

7. Self publishing

In today’s digital age, self-publishing platforms like Amazon make it possible to distribute your work to a wide audience. You can also sell your art on websites like Redbubble and your photos on Shutterstock. Both of these are great alternatives to affiliate marketing.

8. SEO consulting

Because so many individuals are just getting started with content creation, there has been an upsurge in the need for SEO specialists. If a person invests in the right SEO tools, they may have an advantage over other content providers and be able to create more money as an SEO consultant.

9. Attending meetup for charge

This is an excellent chance not only to make money, but also to have a positive social influence on yourself and your blog, website, or any other platform that you are involved in. Because of this, more people will be aware of your website, which will ultimately result in an increase in the number of people visiting it.

10. Trading cryptocurrency:

As a new market, trading bitcoin on a digital asset exchange is a good way to create a lot of money. Before delving into this subject, however, one should make sure they have a solid foundation of understanding on the matter. You can find the best coins to trade on crypto currency exchanges.

Simply put, anybody who thinks that affiliate marketing is an easy task to undertake is clearly daydreaming about it. Affiliate marketing is a challenging business model that calls for a great deal of dedication and effort. Therefore, if you are someone who is thinking about some other lucrative possibilities that might be alternatives to affiliate marketing, then the ones that have been discussed above are great for you to start with.

Final words: affiliate marketing alternatives

affiliate alternative

One of the best ways to generate income in the digital realm is via affiliate marketing. However, there are certain difficulties associated with it. Even while it can seem to be the most common strategy for doing business on the internet, not everyone should pursue it. 

The good news is that affiliate program isn’t the only method to make money online; in fact, there are plenty of other opportunities to do so, some of which could even be more suited to your particular circumstances. 

Some affiliate marketers may believe that their monetary investment in product promotion isn’t justified by the revenue they bring in. Affiliate marketing does provide a profit, but that profit is not sufficient to support a major portion of one’s living expenses on its own. To satisfy their requirements, individuals then seek alternatives and get active in other areas in which they have an interest. 

Affiliate marketing may provide an “income” that is satisfactory for some people, but there are other strategies that can occasionally let them earn more money in a faster time frame. The use of strategies other than affiliate marketing may be an excellent approach to breaking into new areas of earning potential and communicating with a more diverse variety of customers.


1. What are the alternatives to blogging for affiliate marketers?

Affiliate marketers may choose from a wide variety of other marketing approaches outside blogging. One method is called paid marketing, and it consists of nothing more than paying for your advertising in advance and receiving an assurance that it would bring in a certain volume of customers. The second tactic is to produce video content, which will help you to form a more personal relationship with your audience than blogging ever could, despite the fact that producing video content will demand more time and effort on your part than blogging does.

2. What is a “click-funnel” alternative to affiliate marketing?

Leadpages, Kartra,, BuilderAll, and 10 Minute Funnels are alternate names for click-funnel software. Everything depends on the features you are seeking in a click-funnel system. If you only need a basic landing page builder, Leadpages is a viable alternative to more complex options. However, if you’re looking for a more robust solution that gives you more flexibility when it comes to funnel construction and features like improved tracking, Kartra is a fantastic alternative.  Systeme IO is also something to think about if you are interested in design and want to create your own templates or use the ones they provide.

3. What is the biggest problem in affiliate marketing?

As an alternative to conventional sales channels, choosing the correct affiliate partner is a huge challenge. Despite this, they are a very significant one. There is no obvious, black-and-white rule to follow when choosing which partners to collaborate with. But the problem is that not every affiliate will be a good fit for your business, and not every audience will respond well to every affiliate. In contrast to more conventional forms of promotion, this method requires you to actively seek out a relevant business that can really help you. One should consider your long-term objectives and how they align with the business strategy of potential partners’ organizations.

4. Is affiliate marketing an alternative to sales marketing?

Both Affiliate aka performance marketing and sales marketing have the same purpose of selling a product or service but affiliate marketing works as a kinship of the sales department. Affiliate marketing and sales marketing both have the same end goal, which is to sell a product or service. However, affiliate marketing is more effective for some items since customers are more likely to do research on those products before making a purchase choice for such products. Affiliate marketers may improve conversion rates by providing relevant content that is specifically tailored to their audience. It’s not an alternative but a support system to sales marketing. 

5. Are there any alternatives to grow an email list for affiliate marketing, besides using a landing page?

There are two alternatives to landing pages for growing email lists for affiliate marketing: organizing a giveaway and leveraging the audiences of others. One strategy to grow your subscriber base is to have a giveaway and require entrants to sign up for your mailing list. To increase your subscriber base, you may use material you’ve already created on other platforms to promote your product or service.

affiliate FAQ

6. What is the failure rate of affiliate marketing?

There is an alarmingly high rate of failure in the affiliate marketing sector. In spite of the fact that 81% of businesses rely on affiliate program for leads, just 8% of affiliates earn more than $15,000 annually. The question now is, what exactly are the factors that contribute to such a high percentage of failure- An explanation may be that the field is still developing and that many marketers aren’t willing to put in the time and effort necessary to succeed.

7. Can you get sued as an affiliate marketer?

Yes, there’s a chance of getting sued as an affiliate marketer even if you’re not directly at fault. Affiliate marketers might be held legally responsible for anything as ridiculous as the theft of a customer’s password by malware and its subsequent usage on the affiliate marketer’s own website to purchase spamming items from an affiliate program. Affiliates should anticipate having to take responsibility if anything goes wrong on their site or in their code since this is seldom an option at traditional legal firms.

8. What is the best alternative to AdSense and affiliate marketing?

As the best alternative to Google AdSense, comes out on the top of the list. Developers of websites, mobile applications, and other media assets may turn to for programmatic advertising solutions. The ideal alternative to affiliate marketing is eCommerce or the implementation of an in-house affiliate program that allows you to advertise your company’s goods or services on your website in return for a commission.